2014 A-Grade state champions

Perth Concert Band are Western Australia’s champion A-Grade concert band for 2014, as a result of our success at the WA Band Association state championships in Bunbury.  This follows months of detailed work on the extremely challenging A-Grade test piece.  Even the adjudicator commented on the level of difficulty.

We last won the state A-Grade in 2011.  This year we improved on our 2011 efforts by also making a very commendable effort in the contest’s “Entertainment” category.  With ponchos, false moustaches, sombreros, maracas, and trumpeters jumping in unison, we delivered our best high-energy rendition of Tequila!  Even the tuba itself wore a sombrero.  The audience lapped it all up and joined in the cries of “Tequila!”.

The evening was finished with a group celebration at one of Bunbury’s pubs.  Photos can be found on the Gallery page.

A video of our entertainment piece is available on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTmBudWRIl0


Some serious progress

Our rehearsal venue has been cleaned out just in time to allow some serious improvement as we prepare for the upcoming WABA State Championships in Bunbury.  Our own-choice pieces are sounding as sharp as knives and even the test piece, the cause of much heated debate, is starting to sound how its composer probably intended.  Some parts are even, according to our esteemed MD, “better than I thought we’d be able to get it”.  Will the band’s combined creativity be enough to pull together an entertainment piece to bring the house down?

New committee

Congratulations and a huge thank-you to all our committee members after last week’s AGM.  It’s great to see a few new faces step up and get involved in the running of the band.  We promise it’s less painful than the running of the bulls…

A new-look committee poses so many exciting questions.  Will the vice president be on time for committee meetings now?  Will the new band sergeant be more effective than the old one?  And where did the old fundraising officer go???  Only time will tell, but it should be fun finding out.

WABA quiz night

Band members are encouraged to come along to the WA Band Association’s quiz night on the evening of Saturday Feb 22nd. This will be a great chance to mix with members from other community bands. Last year’s quiz was a lot of fun and most local bands had one or two tables taking part. We need a crack team of PCB quizzers to do us proud!
Anyone interested in coming along should email Graham.

First rehearsal 2014

Happy new year to everyone who came along to kickstart 2014 at our first rehearsal last night.  It was great to see everyone again after the break.

Welcome back and a huge congratulations to Anne, who we haven’t seen for a while.  And welcome to the three new players – can you believe we’ll have two bass clarinets now???

Thanks to Transperth poster-boy Paul for conducting.